Navigating your way through the used truck market can be a tricky exercise. The market is filled with dubious sellers and inaccurate condition descriptions that can end up costing you thousands if you fall victim to them.

Though this task may seem overwhelming, we’ve assembled a used truck purchase checklist along with some important tips for buying used trucks to help you navigate the market and find the Truck that suits your needs.

Here’s some things to consider and questions to ask before making your purchase:

  • Ask to review the service history of the Truck
  • Have a look at the oil change history
  • Check the truck for any major accident records
  • Thoroughly examine the truck for any damage to the exterior and interior
  • Research the model you are considering online and make sure there are no historical issues
  • Check interior and exterior for signs of rust
  • Take the kilometres travelled into consideration
  • Explore servicing options and pricing in your region
  • Ask your dealer about extended warranty

The more research you do before purchasing your truck, the better your end result will be. You will end up with a truck that has been thoroughly checked and is in good working order, saving you money in ongoing costs and maintenance

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