X-STREAM Service Water Cannon – Electric adjustable nozzle

Cannon made in USA, Controls made in Australia
Do you need a Tough Reliable Water Cannon?
This is it!

The Mine Spec Water Cannon has been designed for continuous use in extreme conditions. It has also been extensively field tested with great acceptance within the market.

We have put significant effort into designing this as an integrated system, The kit includes an air actuated butterfly valve that is electronically controlled from the control box, so there is no need to install an additional function in your control system.

What's Included in the Box?
Water Cannon.
Joy Stick Control Box
80mm Air Actuated Butterfly Valve with a Namur Valve Attached.
2.5 Inch Electric Adjustable Nozzle
10 metre Extension Control Loom

Cannon Features

Stainless steel swivels with dual ball bearing races.
Internal gears for safety and protection from the elements.
Powerful electric motors with 65.5 to 1 gear ratio.
Positive displacement electric motors are in water tight enclosures.
Horizontal and vertical manual override.
Schedule 40 steel with 65 mm water way.
Sweeping bends to reduce friction.
3” flange inlet.
Baked green polyester finish - electrostatically applied inside and out.
Adjustable fog nozzle

Control Box Features

Stainless steel box
4 way joystick operation.
Power on/off switch with LED light.

Key Design Features include:

Robust Construction.
Precision Engineering
Industrial Grade Control Components
Fully Servicable
Stainless Steel Swivels
Inductive Position Sensors
Low profile Design
Joystick Control

Electric Adjustable Nozzle.
A major feature of this water cannon is the adjustable nozzle that allows the operator to vary the spray from a straight stream to a fog spray from the cabin. The nozzle control system is integrated in to the cannon control system. The flow rate of the nozzle is also adjustable from 1000 litres per minute to 2700 litres per minute giving the ability for the nozzle to be adjusted to suit the pump flow rate giving optimum back pressure to achieve maximum distance,

We have other nozzle options available including Straight, Manual Adjustable and Stream Shaper. Contact us for more information.

See below for spray patterns.


The Cannon has been designed for easy installation. We have also added a multi-volt switching power supply to the control system that allows for installation on either 12 or 24 volt trucks.

The installation is quite simple.
1 Mount the cannon and the included butterfly valve on to a 80mm flange.
2 Connect a constant air supply line to the solenoid valve mounted on the butterfly valve
3 Connect the on/off valve trigger cable to the coil mounted on the butterfly valve.
4 Install the joystick control box in the cab and connect power to the power supply cable.
5 Run the 10 metre extension cable between the cannon and the control box.


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