SV1500-HYD 1500LPM Mega Type 80mm Hydraulic Actuated

The SV1500-HYD is cast from Marine grade alloy with an output capacity of up to 2500 litres per minute (660 US Gallons per minute) and provides a dense even spray discharge of up to 6.7 metres (22 feet) and a spray width of up to 11 metres (36 feet). The spray valve is Hydraulically actuated.


-Stainless steel diaphragm sandwich plates.
-Stainless steel spring, fasteners and eccentric washers.
-Valve base with ‘o’ ring.
-Valve inlet port OD 63 mm (2.5 inch)
-Fully serviceable
-Includes Mounting Ring
-Adjustable Spray Ring to Modify Spray Pattern
-Fully Serviceable (Complete Spare Parts in Stock)


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