Pneumatic Air Fittings

Quick and simple tube insertion.
Compact lightweight design with a well proven tube retaining system
Tapered threads have a reusable thread seal
Parallel threads have a rubber washer
Main body manufactured from nickel plated brass, acetal resin, PBT with a stainless steel retaining ring, nitrile tube seal and acetal resin tube release collar
Pressure range: -0.9 Bar to +10 Bar
Temperature range: -20 to + 70 Degrees Celsius
Tube suitability: Nylon or polyurethane

Multiple sizes available in several different styles

Straight Connector
Elbow Connector
Connector to Male Parallel
Elbow Connector to Male Parallel
Connector to Male Taper
Elbow Connector to Male Taper
Equal Tee


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