JMC – The Joint Venture With Ford Motor Company

JMC have brought the Conquer range of trucks to Australia to compete head on with the local Isuzu, Hino and Fuso range of trucks.

The JMC Conquer range not only competes on specification, quality and after sale back up, they are many thousands of dollars less to purchase and have features not seen on the competition models.

For instance, there is no costly or troublesome DPF system to comply with the latest emission legislation. All JMC Conquer trucks use Ad Blue to meet emission requirements and the larger GVM model Conquers also use compression air in the braking systems, including a maxi park brake in the bigger 7500 KG GVM model.

The JMC Conquer is available in four models so click below on the model that suits your requirements for more details.

Remember ALL the JMC Conquer models below can be registered to be driven on a normal car licence.

    • CONQUER 2750/50-90-SWB                                                   GVM 4495/5500KG
      Carry up to 3 tonne on a body up to 3770 mm long
      Price: $31,990                                                                           Further Information


    • CONQUER 3360/60-90-MWB                                                  GVM 4495/6000KG
      Carry up to 3.5 tonne on a body up to 4760 mm long
      Price: $34,990                                                                           Further Information


    • CONQUER 3360/67-110-MWB                                                  GVM 4495/6500KG
      Similar to the 60-90 MWB but with more power and air assisted brakes
      Price: $36,990                                                                            Further Information


    • CONQUER 3815/75-110-LWB                                                    GVM 7500KG
      Carry up to 4.3 tonne on a body up to 5480 mm long
      Price: $39,990                                                                            Further Information