The concept is new, but the experience behind it goes back over 35 years.

Why Trucks Direct?

Until now, you only had 3 choices when buying or selling a used truck…..


If you sell or trade-in to a dealer you will only get a wholesale price, and if you purchase through a dealer you will pay a premium price without any guarantee of warranty or service history.


Selling your truck at Auction loses you control of the selling price, which is usually not much better than the price a dealer would offer as a trade in or direct purchase.
Purchasing at Auction means you may be paying close to the wholesale price (No Guarantees), but what are you getting? No History! No warranty!


Very time consuming! If you are selling, you are dealing with a lot of time wasters and if you are buying, it can be a bit of a wild goose chase with misdescribed truck condition and dubious history.

Now this is where Trucks Direct comes in

A whole new way to buy or sell at the best price, with minimal time input from management or employees.


Consign your truck with Trucks Direct and if we don’t sell your truck for the price you want, we charge you nothing! ZERO!

-We can professionally market the truck, through all the right channels

-Filter all the enquiry

-Take trade-ins

-Arrange finance

-Organise any modifications and inspections that may be required

-Organise delivery to the end user.

The bottom line is that you will get a premium service and only pay us an agreed fee, remembering that if we are not successful selling your truck we will deliver it to the dealer or auction house of your choice to accept the price you had been previously promised anyway at no extra cost.

Remember… No Sale. No Comission!




Buying a truck through Trucks Direct means you pay less than purchasing from a dealer because there isn’t a premium charged for all the dealers overheads and profit margin.
But Trucks Direct still offers all the Dealer features such as the ability to:

– Arrange finance

-Take a trade-in

-Carry out any modifications or inspections required

Add to this the things a Dealer DOESN’T include:

-Independent mechanical inspection

-Service history from current owner

-Option of a warranty for added peace of mind